Amd radeon 535 ดี ไหม

The AMD Radeon 535 Mobile video card on the GCN 3.0 architecture has 1550 million transistors, tech. process 28 nm. The frequency of the graphics core is 730 MHz. In terms of memory, 2 GB is installed here. DDR5, frequency 1125 MHz and maximum throughput 36 Gb/s. FLOPS is 783.3. At the same time, the maximum number of points for today is 260261 points. The Directx version is 12. The OpenGL version is 4.6. Regarding cooling, the heat dissipation requirement here is 50W. In our tests, the video card scores 3353 points.

Why AMD Radeon 535 Mobile is better than others

  • FLOPS 783.3 TFLOPS. This parameter is higher than that of 88% goods
  • Power Consumption (TDP) 50 W. This parameter is lower than that of 76% goods
  • Technological process 28 nm. This parameter is lower than that of 47% goods

  • GPU base clock speed 730 MHz. This parameter is lower than that of 75% goods
  • RAM 2 GB. This parameter is lower than that of 32% goods
  • Memory bandwidth 36 GB/s. This parameter is lower than that of 75% goods
  • Gpu memory speed 1125 MHz. This parameter is lower than that of 68% goods
  • Turbo gpu 1024 MHz. This parameter is lower than that of 60% goods

Review AMD Radeon 535 Mobile

Review AMD Radeon 535 Mobile: highlights




GPU base clock speed

The graphics processing unit (GPU) has a high clock speed.

730 MHz

max 2459

Average: 1124.9 MHz

2459 MHz

Gpu memory speed

This is an important aspect for calculating memory bandwidth.

1125 MHz

max 16000

Average: 1468 MHz

16000 MHz


Measuring the processing power of a processor is called FLOPS.

783.3 TFLOPS

max 1142.32

Average: 53 TFLOPS

1142.32 TFLOPS


2 GB

max 128

Average: 4.6 GB

128 GB

Texture rate


max 940

Average: 185.4


Number of threads


max 18432

Average: 1326.3


Turbo gpu

If the GPU speed has dropped below its limit, then to improve performance, it can go to a high clock speed.

1024 MHz

max 2903

Average: 1514 MHz

2903 MHz

Architecture name

GCN 3.0


Polaris 24




Memory bandwidth

This is the rate at which the device stores or reads information.

36 GB/s

max 2656

Average: 257.8 GB/s

2656 GB/s


2 GB

max 128

Average: 4.6 GB

128 GB

Maximum Memory

2 GB

max 128

Average: 6.2 GB

128 GB

GDDR memory versions

Latest versions of GDDR memory provide high data transfer rates to improve overall performance


max 6

Average: 4.9


Memory bus width

A wide memory bus means that it can transfer more information in one cycle. This property affects memory performance as well as the overall performance of the device's graphics card. Show more

64 bit

max 8192

Average: 283.9 bit

8192 bit

General information



Power Consumption (TDP)

Heat Dissipation Requirements (TDP) is the maximum possible amount of energy dissipated by the cooling system. The lower the TDP, the less power will be consumed Show more

50 W

Average: 160 W

2 W

Technological process

The small size of the semiconductors means this is a new generation chip.

28 nm

Average: 34.7 nm

4 nm

Number of transistors

The higher their number, the more processor power this indicates.

1550 million

max 80000

Average: 7150 million

80000 million

PCIe connection interface

A considerable speed of the expansion card used to connect the computer to the peripherals is provided. The updated versions offer impressive bandwidth and high performance. Show more


max 5

Average: 3




Sales start date

April 2017







Used in demanding games, providing improved graphics


max 12.2

Average: 11.4



Used by some applications to harness the power of the GPU for non-graphical computations. The newer the version, the more functional it will be